Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Mini

“In 2017, Asylum workers discovered an old hospital gown inside a wall. ‘MILDRED’ was written on the inside collar. Upon further examination of the garment, the workers were surprised to find a tiny pocket sewn into the underside, containing a crude, yet mysterious, handmade set of oracle cards. Young Mildred is thought to have created her childlike yet fascinating oracle circa 1928 while a patient at Fenwood Asylum. Her father committed her to the facility, believing her to be insane for talking to imaginary friends. While at Fenwood, Mildred never stopped contacting her ‘friends’ with her handmade oracle. Fellow inmates named her ‘Millie the Red Witch.’ Mildred kept her tiny deck hidden from authorities in a secret pocket. Although her fate is unknown to this day, some think Mildred perished in the Great Asylum Fire of 1933. Others are convinced she started the blaze.” – Patrick Valenza

Patrick Valenza is a wonderful illustrator and timeless storyteller. His creations are hauntingly surreal, inspired by nostalgia. Valenza’s narration of Mildred Payne is uncanny and evocative. His oracle deck can be used as a clarifier when in conjunction with tarot cards (preferably the Deviant Moon Tarot), to explain or confirm messages from the tarot, or they can be used separately as a guide through your own intuitiveness. Much like a tarot deck, an oracle deck relays messages to ponder and reflect, from self-affirmation to cautionary advice and shadow work. For a reading, randomly choose one oracle card to clarify a three tarot card reading. Mildred Payne’s oracle has 88 messages to help us navigate our daily lives. The card stock is wonderfully crafted, vintage-style print, hand-drawn imagery, familiar symbols, fits in the palm of your hand, perfect for on-the-go and discrete stashing. 






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