Discovering Your Chakras

Chakra practices date back to Medieval-era Hinduism, a holistic approach to the interconnection of mind and body. Seven main chakras run along the length of the spine. To reap full chakra benefits, they must remain free from blockage. Chakra energy flows into the body. Low energy will result in imbalances, while too much energy will create restlessness. To keep chakras balanced, pursue a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and stretch regularly, meditate, consume nutritional foods and beverages, sleep well, maintain mental clarity and emotional well-being.

An introductory approach to chakra would be to identify them by name, color, and psychological response. Root chakra: (red) self-awareness. Sacral chakra: (orange) self-respect. Solar plexus chakra: (yellow) self-worth. Heart chakra: (green) love and compassion.  Throat chakra: (blue) self-expression. Third eye or brow chakra: (indigo blue) self-responsibility. Crown chakra: (violet) self-knowledge.

Much like crystal runes, chakra stones can also be used in daily readings, combined with the tarot, runes, or both. Place your chakra stones in a pouch, randomly choose one to accompany 3 runes and/or 3 tarot cards to assess your mind, body, and spirit.


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