Santa Muerte Tarot: Book of the Dead


Tarot publisher Lo Scarabeo and illustrator Fabio Listrani joined forces to create the perfect deck embodiment of Santa Muerte (Our Lady of Holy Death) and the Day of the Dead. Cards come in a rose décor tuck box, glossy card stock, sugar skull backing, and companion booklet in 5 languages. The deck depicts many aspects of Mexican culture. The cards deal with familiar themes of celebration, spirituality, family, perseverance, reincarnation, and transformation.

Santa Muerte embodies female empowerment, maternity, prosperity, and spiritual rebirth. Her shrine stands in Tepito Mexico, Melrose Avenue in East Hollywood, and New Orleans. The Day of the Dead is Mexico’s equivalent to the following holidays: Samhain Festival, All Hallows’ Day, All Saints’ Day, Halloween, and filled with rejoicing, singing, prayer, commemorating lost loved ones, and enjoying sweets.

Readers of this tarot will benefit from shadow work. Exploring your shadow will be rewarding and indicative of mental and spiritual growth. Our shadows harbor our fears, insecurities, darkness, weaknesses, any conscious or unconscious negative traits we cultivate, and can only be defeated with unconditional love and light. When we cast our shadows of ego, projection, judgments, and walls, we can spot them in others, but lack the ability to see them in ourselves. It is through understanding our flaws with compassion and self-awareness that we can curtail our own negative behavior. It is important to realize we are not accountable for the actions of others, but of our own.




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