Daily Affirmations With Repurposed Trinkets

Manifest Positive Affirmations Using Repurposed Trinkets

Negative thought patterns can carry the heaviest burdens, able to cloud your judgment, deplete your energy, and deprive you of the things you love and enjoy. By introducing daily affirmations into your life, you’re essentially training your brain to divert from sabotaging thoughts, it’s like exercise for the mind, crucial to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

A fun and adventurous way to start your daily affirmation journey is a craft store away. Michaels has an abundance of trinkets to repurpose for your new routine. Find a set of trinkets that resonate with you, then search for keywords that encapsulate each trinket and jot them down. Start with two words and work your way up. An example, dollar sign $: wealth, inheritance, abundance. Place your trinkets in a drawstring pouch, choose one to three trinkets at random, meditate on your selection, connect with the image and its meaning, absorb and embody the message. Practice this ritual as often as you need, be prepared to embrace positive words and feelings into your life.

Repurposed trinkets also pair well with tarot and oracle cards, they can work as a clarifier to messages or add meaning to messages. If you gained value from this post, please see related posts: totem animals, chakras, and runes.

Manifest Positive Affirmations Using Repurposed Trinkets

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