Kawaii Tarot Walk-Through And Review 

Kawaii Tarot Walk-Through And Review

Collectible, adorable kawaii art, from the star-studded backing to compact-sized cards, a charming book-shaped box with pink-tinged packaging, comprehensive guidebook with reversal card meanings, even a downloadable app for on-the-go readings. Easy-to-follow concepts, great for beginners. Card symbols are gender-neutral. Simply the best deck under $20.

The Japanese-inspired Kawaii-style pip deck creates a lighthearted approach to light and shadow work. Go ahead, tap into higher frequencies, accompany your reading with sound healing, breathing techniques, positive affirmation tools, crystal energy, even aromatherapy. Attract vibrations that meet your highest good (Hashtag: good vibes), actively spread love and light. Listen to your intuition, hone your spiritual gifts, and make peace with your inner child. 




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