Intro to Insect Totem for Positive Affirmations

Intro to Insect Totems for Positive Affirmations

Introducing insect totem for positive affirmation rituals. To understand the process, one must delve deeply. Keep an open heart and an open mind, and be ready to receive.


The death’s-head hawkmoth is a captivating creature. Originating from Africa, it is the largest moth, bearing a skull-shape marking on its thorax. Nocturnal by nature, the moth and its marking is associated with mortality and wandering souls. This sophisticated being organically camouflages as a bee (both visibly and by scent), able to infiltrate a beehive and feed on the colony’s honey and nectar, this protective element alone adding another layer of mystique to them. Because of their delicate physical structure, death moths produce chirping sounds to ward off potential enemies, thus linked to symbols of fragility. Moths are destructively attracted to light, resulting in their relation to seduction, mortality, and even perceived as messengers from the afterlife. Their ability to move through stages of life, from caterpillar to cocoon and flight has affiliated them to reincarnation. Pop culture has immortalized the death moth, featuring them in the psychological movie thriller Silence of the Lambs and writings from literary critic Edgar Allan Poe.

Intro to Insect Totems for Positive Affirmations


Much like an animal totem, insect totem can help us navigate through life by drawing their strength. As we learned from the death moth, we discovered an array of symbolism: mortality, fragility, protection, seduction, messenger, and reincarnation. These characteristics can either speak to us as we are now or as we desire to be, they can reveal details about events to come or confirm our present circumstances. With 10 quintillion insects on planet earth, we can spend our entire lives learning their survival secrets and how to apply them to our daily lives.

A great way to begin your affirmations ritual with insect totem is to find insects that resonate with you, detail at least three traits per insect, and work your way up. You can use index cards, charms, print online images, use oracle cards, the crafting is entirely up to you. Then, place your insect index cards or charms into a pouch, give it a little shake and shuffle, choose at random, and listen to your intuition: what is the message revealing to you? Practice this often, build a bond with their traits, and manifest what you want to embody.

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