Pink Religion Palette: A Pink Dream Come True

Pink Religion Palette

The wait is over, JSC fans now have the Pink Religion Palette to play with, a homage to Jeffree Star’s obsession with all things pink. Inspired by religious symbolism, this monochromatic palette comes in a vegan leather bible casing, gold faux pages, intricate embossment, and cross unicarton. A dreamy 18 pan palette, featuring 3 metallic […]

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Beauty Edition/ Spring 2011: Sweet Harvest Lips (Page 2 of 5)

ARDENT KISS: A slew of fever-pitch tints are sprouting out this season. Diane Von Furstenberg marries romantic and flirty with reddish-pink and Fendi follows right behind, while Jill Sanders plays Barbie with a hot-pale pink. SHE SELLS SEASHELLS BY THE SEASHORE: Fendi kept us close to water with a bright Salmon hue. FRUITY SENSATION: We’re […]

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