Jeffree Star Dropped Nudes: OnlyFans Subscription Not Required

[Eyeshadow Palette]

The most anticipated collection, a neutral fantasy inclusive to all skin tones, filled with a range of beige, cream, coffee, and brown hues for a sexy, sultry, beautiful look each time. An artist’s dream palette, literally the only nude palette you’ll ever need in your life. The biggest palette to date, 30 shades of JSC’s signature formula, creamy, blendable mattes to lay your base, transition, and create the perfect no-makeup-makeup look, soft glam, or a bold smokey eye with delicious shade colors in apricot, peach, toffee, chestnut, chocolate, and espresso. At $2.06 per color, it’s a must-have. This is the palette you’re going to reach for every single day, with coquettish shade names like I’m Shy, Silk Robe, and Invitation Only.

Box Unveil (Orgy Eyeshadow Palette: Jeffree Star Cosmetics)
Palette Unveil (Orgy Eyeshadow Palette: Jeffree Star Cosmetics)
Look at all the pretty colors! (Orgy Eyeshadow Palette: Jeffree Star Cosmetics)

[Mini Eyeshadow Palette]

When you want to add a touch of sparkle to your matte look, JSC included a mini palette of stunning complimentary wet diamond shimmers. 9 blinding, icy, glass, champagne, duo-chrome, and platinum shades for the lid, inner corner, to highlight the high points of your face or your decolletage. 


Box Unveil (Mini Orgy Eyeshadow Palette – Jeffree Star Cosmetics)
Mini Palette Unveil (Mini Orgy Eyeshadow Palette – Jeffree Star Cosmetics)
Look at the shine! (Mini Orgy Eyeshadow Palette – Jeffree Star Cosmetics)


Buy your favorite one or get the bundle while supplies last.

Orgy Eyeshadow Palette, Mini Orgy Eyeshadow Palette, Star Mirror, The Gloss (Jeffree Star Cosmetics)

[The Gloss]

6 semi-sheer nudes with shimmering reflex, a nude cap, and chocolate font, were added to The Gloss collection, Pretzel Drip (bronze), Beaded Glass (champagne), Body Count (caramel), Tabletop (chocolate), Mouthful (rose gold), and my personal favorite Silk Robe (baby greige). Wear alone or over JSC velour lip liners and liquid lipsticks.

The Gloss in Silk Robe (Jeffree Star Cosmetics)

[Star Mirror]

With every collection launch comes a set of Star Mirrors, collect them all. Makes for a great display on your vanity. I’m living for the Iridescent Light Nude and Chocolate Soft Touch.

Star Mirrors: Iridescent Light Nude and Chocolate Soft Touch (Jeffree Star Cosmetics)

[More On The Collection]

A collector’s vault was also included, 25 nude mini velour liquid lipsticks (twenty best-selling and 5 new shades): Jeffree’s Nudes (palest nude), Hidden Hills (cool tone nude), Tea Bag (warm caramel brown), Libra Lynn (warm orange terracotta), and Plastic Surgery (milk chocolate). A display case is also available for all your velour minis and full-sized liquid lipsticks.

For those seeking a lit-from-within look, JSC released a new luminous formula of magic star setting powders, same blurring effect as the original matte setting powders, in 9 shades: translucent, fair, natural, beige, topaz (banana-ish), rose, and warmer shades in suede, caramel and honey.

No collection is complete without some JSC apparel, nude hued poolside swimming trunks, lounge shorts, and plush teddy hoodies for lounging and traveling.


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