Remembering Alexander McQueen, Style Icon Tribute Blog (Spring/Summer 1999, 2001-2010) (Page 1)

Alexander McQueen was the kind of designer that given scraps of fabric could turn it into a beautiful gown in a span of a television commercial break, a couture-worthy gown out of beach-side seashells or bird feathers. With his boundless visionary talent, he exposed our world to his political viewpoint thru theatrical presentations and unworldly designs.

Collected below are a few highlights of his runway shows, covering only 11-years of his 19-year career in fashion, with Spring 2010 being my utmost favorite.

Spring 1999 is a very special presentation with the depiction of Woman versus Machine, a magical display of art in fashion. The video also adds clips of Fall 1999, which will be further covered in Part-2 of my Tribute Blog.


Alexander McQueen Spring 1999 video clip: 






Spring 2005 delighted us a with chess game, very reminiscent of early royal dynasties.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2005 Chess Game Fashion Show:



Isabella Blow was the angel that discovered Alexander McQueen. She bought his first ever graduate collection at a mere 5,000 Euros and launched his career far enough that he was able to sell his brand to Gucci. Sadly, she passed away on May 2007.  In her loving memory, Alexander McQueen dedicated his Spring 2008 collection to her.

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2008) (Figure 1)

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2008) (Figure 2)



Alexander McQueen (Resort 2010) (Figure 1)

Alexander McQueen (Resort 2010) (Figure 2)

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (Spring 2011) (Armadillo Shoes)

These colossal shoes have been worn in music videos and off-camera by singer Lady Gaga, socialite Daphne Guinness and actress Demi Moore for an editorial spread in VOGUE Magazine. Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty tribute gallery is being displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until August 7th of 2011, where upon completion of viewing the gallery, you can purchase an Armadillo shoe ornament for $25 at the MET gift shop.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (Armadillo Shoe Ornament @ the MET)

It proved difficult to choose only 1 or 2 outfits from the Plato’s Atlantis (Alexander McQueen’s final Spring show), which is why I limited myself to a number of 6. The collection will astound you.

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2010) (Figure 1)

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2010) (Figure 2)

Alexander McQueen used Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species as his inspiration for this collection. “…no one could have known that the ice cap would melt, that the waters would rise and that life on earth would have to evolve in order to live beneath the sea once more or perish. We came from water and now, with the help of stem cell technology and cloning, we must go back to it to survive. When the waters rise, humanity will go back to the place from whence it came… but then again, I’m no Nostradamus… Make no mistake, this is not sci-fi, this is evolution.” –Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2010) (Figure 3)

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2010) (Figure 4)

I’ve provided a link to the entire presentation of Plato’s Atlantis, courtesy of Nick Knight, IMG and, with an exclusive interview with Alexander McQueen.      

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2010) (Figure 5)

Alexander McQueen (Spring 2010) (Figure 6)


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