Beauty Edition: Chanel and Gucci Beauty, Rihanna’s manicure & model Mariacarla Boscono for NARS cosmetics

CHANEL (Spring 2012): The house of Chanel made a splash with a whimsical approach to deep-sea life.

The audience lay in what resembled the inside of a seashell. Giant props included an octopus, stingray, coral reef and little fish. Florence Welsh of Florence & the Machine performed from the inside of a life-size oyster, resembling the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

CHANEL (Spring 2012)
CHANEL (Spring 2012)

Models walked in soft classical hues, their makeup a frosted iridescent shadow and pearl accents on the brow, nose and smack in the middle area where the lip and chin meet. I especially love this look because you don’t have to commit to a piercing, simply add body glue to one of the three designated areas mentioned above and apply a tiny pearl. It’s that easy! A flawless, elegant take on body jewelry.

Rihanna (“Man Down” music video)

RIHANNA wore an impressive nude nail lacquer for her music video “Man Down.” Finally a color that’s able to transform a pair of ordinary hands into perfected mannequin hands.

REVLON (Smoky Canvas)
ESSIE (Cocktail Bling)

Cosmetics companies took notice and introduced two new hues: Revlon Smoky Canvas (a nude-taupe greige-taupe color) for undeniably gorgeous muted nails. Equally exquisite is Essie Cocktail Bling (a soft gray-blue).

GUCCI (Spring 2012) (Model: Joan Smalls)
GUCCI (Spring 2012)

GUCCI (Spring 2012): Makeup guru Pat McGrath painted intense smoldering eyes for the models backstage at Gucci. This dramatic look is perfect for evenings.

MAC Cosmetics (Hocus Pocus)
MAC Cosmetics (Carbon)

Mimic this smoky-gray color by mixing MAC Cosmetics eye-shadows Hocus Pocus (a dark sooty grey with silver pearl) and Carbon (an intense black matte) for a perfect finish.

Electric Blue Ahli
NARS (Outremer)

From the waters of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania comes a blue only found on the body of an electric blue ahli. NARS captured this rare pigmentation, named it Outremer and displayed it on the lovely Mariacarla Boscono. Wear it when you’re feeling a little dangerous to spruce up your black, grey, white or yellow clothes, even color-blocking outfits.

Model: Mariacarla Boscono (NARS: Outremer)
Color-Blocking Trend

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