Abracadabra SuperStore Photo-Shoot

10am Sunday, April 29th2012. Location: Abracadabra SuperStore in New York City. A professional backstage team came together for a 10-costume event. I had the pleasure of casting, producing and supervising this event.  Makeup was meticulously themed for each model and wigs replaced their true hair.

Kelsey Berk (Makeup Artist), Vanessa Aviles (Model)
Ania Grzymajlo (Wig Stylist), Charlene Marte Estrella (Model)
Melony Marie Aponte (Model), Ania Grzymajlo (Wig Stylist)

Dressers came together like worker-bees, matching the models to the look-descriptions on the backstage model cards. From station to station I went, answering questions and making sure my backstage team received proper care.

Ebone McTootle (Dresser), Aileen Maria (Model), Richard Dupry (Dresser)
Backstage Model Card
Wig & Accessories Kit

Each model was escorted to the photography room, where five camera lenses zoomed in for a series of shots that will ultimately make it to the merchandise floor as a product label cover for Abracadabra designs.

Model: Danielle Knight as Angel (Photographed by Rafael Marin)
Model: Charlene Marte Estrella as Catwoman (Photographed by Arthur Eisenberg)
Model: Charlene Marte Estrella as Cleopatra (Photographed by Arthur Eisenberg)
Model: Melony Marie Aponte as Goddess (Photographed by Rafael Marin)
Model: Stepanie Carrera as Marie Antoinette (Photographed by Arthur Eisenberg)
Model: Rosy M. Ramchandani as Mermaid (Photographed by Angel Alvarado)
Model: Danielle Knight as Nurse (Photographed by Arthur Eisenberg)
Model: Melony Marie Aponte as Princess (Photographed by Angel Alvarado)
Model: Vanessa Aviles as Sexy Senorita (Photographed by Arthur Eisenberg)
Model: Aileen Maria as Sexy Witch (Photographed by Arthur Eisenberg)

Each costume represented an iconic or popular figure: Angel, Catwoman, Cleoprata, Goddess, Marie Antoinette, Mermaid, Nurse, Princess, Senorita and Witch.

Roberto Pinzon (Owner of Abracadabra), Jesenia (JGB Editor)
Backstage Team, Designer and Models (Photographed by Angel Alvarado)

The best part of the event, aside from participating in a joint effort, was establishing new friendships and keeping in touch with current friends.

(All costumes listed are available for rent with exclusive accessory and makeup offers). Inquire Within: Abracadabra SuperStore, 19 West 21st Street (Between: 5-6th Avenue) New York, NY 10010. (212) 627-5194.

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