Shaun King Launch Of Woke Folks Event

Date: Wednesday, August 2nd. Venue: P.S. 63, New York City

Shaun King, a man of many hats; the New York Daily News journalist, TYT commentator and civil rights activist, stood before a packed auditorium and unraveled piece by piece the tangled web of cognitive dissonance and blatant dysfunction that is our political system. “Saying America is the greatest country in the world does not make it so.” he said, “Based on actual metrics, the quality of life in America is terrible, even before Trump.” King point out how the most interesting man alive, Barack Hussein Obama, an educated, well-spoken, dignified and scandal-free President, could be proceeded by a low bar sociopathic criminal like Donald Trump. To understand the transition, we must first exam history from a mathematically historical perspective. King spoke in great length about the late German Historian, professor Leopold Von Ranks, who mapped the human evolution in comparison to technological evolution and found that humanity lagged painfully behind. “If we were truly progressing as people, we wouldn’t have the constant reminder of slavery, the Nazi regime and the Rwanda genocide.” he continued. With each step towards upward mobility there is a dip that displaces it. The Emancipation Proclamation was followed by lynchings and Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement was followed by the modern-day lynching “War On Drugs” and Mass Incarceration, and now the 44th POTUS is followed by a 45th administration that is scaling back civil rights, eroding relationships with allies, threatening our environment and endangering the livelihood of our children.

King urged us to get out of our comfort zones, to organize and fight our way out of the dip. “Oppression and systems of oppression are complicated,” he warned us, “innovation is our way out.” King’s grassroots approach was simple; choose one road block at a time to bring about more than just community change, but overall change, be socially responsible, empathetic and redirect our money to Municipal Credit Unions versus banks that invest in private prisons and mass government corruption.

Professor Leopold Von Ranks
Shaun King
Shaun King
Shaun King with Jesenia (JGB)

Join The Resistance –  Shaun King

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