How To: Resilient Skin

Resilient skin starts from within.


First things first, make sure your mind is right. Mental health is vital, as it effects the mind and body. Make it your life’s goal to live in peace. Keep toxic thinking, gossip, and stressors of any kind out of your sacred spaces.


What you eat also plays an important role in your diet, fill it with leafy greens (a rich source of vitamins) fresh fruits in solid or smoothie (packed with enzymes and antioxidants) and healthy snacking. Drink clean beverages, like coconut water (for hydration and electrolytes), herbal tea (immune-boosting), and eleven cups of water (for moisture retention and elasticity). Coffee in moderation, so long as you skip whole milk, replace instead with milk alternatives like coconut, macadamia and almond, even banana.


Exercise is key. Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of cardio and strength training daily, followed by long walks.


Understanding your specific skin type is a start. Are you dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin? Then, narrow your skin concerns; is it acne, large pores, dark circles or under-eye sag, hyperpigmentation, dull or uneven texture, rosacea, scarring, wrinkles or aging? Depending on the active or super hero ingredient, a myriad of skincare concerns can be addressed all at once. Healthy, glowing skin is hydrated, fresh-looking and smooth. Included are a list of skincare products to spice up your skincare routine. Each product listed is ideally for all skin types, while targeting the most common skincare concerns.


PEACH & LILY (GLASS SKIN FACE POLISHER): a rice-based enzyme powder that when added to water, and lathered, activates to a foamy, yet gentle exfoliating cleanser. Part of my AM routine, Carefully buff onto the skin. With daily use, pores become less pronounced, skin looks smoother, feels firmer. Super fruits and salicylic acid assist with exfoliation, while green tea soothes.

How To: Resilient Skin

NYAKIO ( SWEET ALMOND CLEANSING OIL BALM): My nighttime go-to and first step to my double cleanse. Even with a full face of makeup, less than a dime size amount of this balm-to-oil cleanser goes a long way. Using a cotton swab, scoop a small amount and gently rub over your eyes, cheeks and lips. Packed with nourishing oils that instantly create softness.

How To: Resilient Skin

PACIFICA (VEGAN CREAM CREAMY GEL CLEANSER): The second step to my double cleanse. It lathers softly and is non-stripping. Plant-based collagen, flower extracts, and jojoba work together to boost skin’s resilience.

PEACH & LILY (POWER CALM HYDRATING GEL CLEANSER): Part of my cleansing routine on days I’m not wearing makeup or double cleansing. It’s lightweight, yet deep-cleaning. Camellia extract nourishes, chamomile fights free radicals, and cucumber brightens.

How To: Resilient Skin

DERMA-E (VITAMIN C GENTLE DAILY CLEANSING PASTE): This paste doubles as a face mask. Applied after cleansing for 5 minutes. Oryza sativa rice powder gently exfoliates, while tumeric brightens, and Vitamin C protects.


GLOW RECIPE (WATERMELON GLOW PHA + BHA PORE-TIGHT TONER): Gently pat after cleansing. Pore-tightening, power-action BHA/PHA formula cleans pores. Watermelon stimulates cell turnover and protects, cactus water hydrates, hyaluronic acid plumps, tea tree calms, and cucumber anti-ages.


LISA ELDRIDGE (SKIN AND MAKEUP ENHANCING MIST): After toning, I reach for a facial mist. Multi-usage includes prepping for skincare, makeup, and to refresh throughout the day, especially out in the sun. Niacinamide and aloe vera visibly rejuvenates. Skincare technology acts as a barrier from pollutants, while activating amino acid anti-aging benefits.

How To: Resilient Skin


KIEHL’S (FERULIC BREW REJUVENATING FACIAL ESSENCE): Part of my AM and PM routine. After applying facial mist, I add 5 drops to my hands and pat onto my face and neck. On days I’ve skipped this step, I’ve noticed a dip in skin’s texture. Ferulic acid acts like a soft focus filter, visibly blurring imperfections. Lactic acid’s exfoliating properties go deep to brighten, tighten and smooth. Made from plant-based olives, vegan squalene defends, softens and moisturizes. It’s a great skin prep for serums and moisturizers.

How To: Resilient Skin


BADGER (DAMASCUS ROSE FACE OIL): After applying facial essence, I squirt one pump of face oil and gently massage into my face, neck, and back of my hands. Face oils foster glowing skin and lay the ground work for serums and moisturizers. Antioxidant-loaded, plant-based hero ingredients build resilience. Baobab plumps and protects, pomegranate wards off acne,  jojoba moisturizes and controls sebum, rosehip (a natural retinoid) brightens and fights inflammation, rose oil smooths and corrects, sea buckthorn regulates sebum and evens texture, roman chamomile and calendula remedy irritation, and lavender protects.

How To: Resilient Skin


GLOW RECIPE (WATERMELON GLOW NIACINAMIDE DEW DROPS): After applying face oil, I go in with one to two pumps of dew drops and gently massage into my face, neck and back of my hands. Part of my AM routine, I use a different serum at night. Watermelon and Moringa build collagen, niacinamide shields, and hyaluronic plumps.

PEACH & LILY (POWER COCKTAIL LACTIC ACID REPAIR SERUM): For my PM routine, I apply one to two pumps of repair serum after face oil. Lactic acid and ginseng renews, red algae stimulates elasticity, nourishes and protects, gingko biloba soothes, hydrates and defends, botanical ferment complex plumps and shields, ceramides moisturizes and safeguards, and hyaluronic acid rejuvenates.

PEACH & LILY (RETINAL FOR ALL RENEWING SERUM): My twice weekly night serum. Heartleaf boosts and repairs, retinaldehyde firms, ectoin soothes and hydrates, carrot brightens, cloudberry preserves, bisabolol calms. honeysuckle soothes, Moringa promotes collagen, ceramides and glycerin moisturize and secure, and gardenia restores.

How To: Resilient Skin


DRUNKEN ELEPHANT (LALA RETRO WHIPPED CREAM): For daily use. My next to last skincare step morning and night. One pump distributes evenly for face, neck, hands, even arms. Marula smooths, omega soothes, mongongo inhibits aging, baobab fights acne, Kalahari melon plumps and softens, ximenia treats and hydrates, passion fruit renews, sodium hyaluronate moisturizes, green tea anti-ages, ceramide and glycerin defends, phytoshingosine and camellia prevents breakouts, plantago lanceolata and maracuja heals, adansonia digitata nourishes, and watermelon enhances and fortifies.


TWO PEAS ORGANICS (SPF 30 UNSCENTED MINERAL LOTION): The last step in my daytime routine. The risk of sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging make this one product a must. Non-Nano Zinc Oxide sunscreen is my tried and true. Water-resistant Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB defends. Made with a list of nourishing ingredients; organic beeswax builds resilience, caster oil soothes, coconut oil hydrates, jojoba builds collagen, olive fruit and shea butter anti-ages, sunflower moisturizes, and Vitamin E fights inflammation. How To: Resilient Skin

GLOW RECIPE (WATERMELON GLOW AHA NIGHT TREATMENT): Applied three nights a week as an overnight treatment. Using a cosmetic spatula, I swipe two scoops of product onto the back of my hand. Using my index finger, I dot the treatment over my face, then smooth it in. Jam packed with essential ingredients. Glycerin and glycolic acid moisturizes, niacinamide smooths, watermelon and Moringa enhance collagen, sea water detoxifies, lactic acid exfoliates, sodium hyaluronate hydrates, quinoa seed brightens, apple fruit anti-ages, and radish root fights acne.


DR. BRONNER’S (NAKED ORGANIC LIP BALM): I never leave home without it. Filled with ingredients we know and love, avocado and jojoba stimulate collagen, organic beeswax repairs, and hemp seed protects.

LANEIGE (SLEEPING MASK INTENSE HYDRATION WITH VITAMIN C): The final step in my nighttime routine. Using a cosmetic spatula I apply liberally. A nighttime lip treatment for dehydrated lips. Loaded with nourishing fruit extracts and emulsifying ingredients. Moisturizing properties include shea butter and murumuru, coconut oil and punica granatum hydrate, soften and defend, raspberry repairs, grape juice provides suppleness, and candelilla and carnauba wax smooth and soothe.


ANDALOU NATURALS (BRIGHTENING PUMPKIN HONEY GLYCOLIC MASK): Part of my AM routine, done twice weekly. Right after cleansing, I use a mini silicone face spatula and apply liberally onto the face. It’s like painting pumpkin puree. I let it sit for 20 minutes, then gently wipe off using cool water. There’s a whole host of ingredients to enrich skin’s resilience, and results are immediate. Certified organic ingredients include smoothing pumpkin and rooibos, moisturizing aloe, protective vegetable glycerin, exfoliating lemon and manuka honey, plumping sunflower and fruit stem cells, skin firming bioactive berry complex, collagen boosting glycolic acid and tamanu, moisture-locking sodium hyaluronate and meadowfoam, brightening Vitamin C and apple, acne-fighting pineapple and cinnamon, anti-aging sugar cane and clove, and pore-tightening nutmeg.

How To: Resilient Skin

RADIANT SEOUL BEAUTY (PLUMPING SHEET MASK): Use once weekly or as needed. Apply for up to 15 minutes. Once removed, gently massage leftover essence into the face, and squeeze the remaining sheet mask’s essence into a separate glass container and paint with a silicone spatula your neck, arms, even legs. Nothing goes to waste. Face plumping ingredients include glycerin (to shield), trehalose (for anti-free radicals), castor oil (acne-fighting), sodium  hyaluronate (moisturizing) lycium barbarum fruit (anti-aging), and beta-carotene, (collagen-boosting).


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