Intro to Insect Totem for Positive Affirmations

Intro to Insect Totems for Positive Affirmations

Introducing insect totem for positive affirmation rituals. To understand the process, one must delve deeply. Keep an open heart and an open mind, and be ready to receive. [DEMYSTIFYING THE DEATH MOTH] The death’s-head hawkmoth is a captivating creature. Originating from Africa, it is the largest moth, bearing a skull-shape marking on its thorax. Nocturnal […]

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Fort Totten Bayside

Fort Totten Bayside, once home to the Matinecock Indians is now a historical site for sunbathing, swimming and non-motorized water sports like canoeing and paddling. Enjoy easy park trails, birdwatching and embracing nature. [FROM THE PARK] [CHASING NATURE] View this post on Instagram Chasing butterflies 🦋 Video: @jgoodiebag See more: Jesenia's Goodie Bag … #butterflies […]

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David Yurman – Stack & Style Event

Date: November 20. Venue: Bloomingdale’s – 59th Street David Yurman Style Director, Travis Ngo, dazzles jewelry devotees with a visually opulent stacking & styling event. For Autumn/Winter, the House of David Yurman unveiled a two-part collection known as Labyrinth & Willow. Greek mythology comes to life in an intricately crafted, super-successful Labyrinth collection. Ngo shares with […]

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