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PRIMA BALLERINA: Motion Picture Black Swan went home with some impressive Golden Globe nominations, so it comes as no surprise that Spring 2011 caught wind of the ballet sensation, as designer after designer produced their own interpretation.

Calvin Klein was by far the most relaxed, framing the face with a mid-part and two loose pieces in the front, Chloe remained immaculately polished and opted for a side part, Gucci drew from the days of early Euro royalty by twisting and tucking the ponytail, Yves Saint Laurent remained in the same realm as Gucci, but coiled the model’s hair inward. Jill Sander embodied a classical version, Nina Ricci exemplified a phenomenal chignon, suitable for a Flamenco dancer and fully equip with a nude hairnet and hairpin. Oscar de la Renta depicted a similar and equally intense style from Prada’s Fall 2010 collection.

Black Swan (movie poster)
Calvin Klein
Yves Saint Laurent
Jill Sander
Oscar de la Renta

MERMAID GIRL: Bottega Venetta wasted no time showcasing beachwave hair, a look easily achieved with a leave-in spritz and soft-curl gel. Proenza Schouler’s aim was gentler, a messy chignon with wavy curls framing the face.

Bottega Veneta
Proenza Schouler

REPUNZAL COMPLEX: Hair extensions are in full-effect! Roberto Cavalli is no stranger to scene-stealing, proving to the public that more truly is more.

Roberto Cavalli

VINTAGE VIXEN: Ode to “The Flapper,” the 1920’s western women who paved the way to liberal expression by defying social norms with short skirts, bobbed hair, jazz music, excessive makeup, alcohol consumption, casual love, smoking and automobile driving. Most notably, the late Coco Chanel created a dynasty out of embodying the true essence of flapper chic and opening her fashion closet to the Parisian elite. John Galliano and Prada pay tribute to this era with skillful imitation.

Actress: Alice Joyce (1926)
John Galliano

COLOSSAL VOLUME: Remember the 80’s? Movies like Flash Dance (1983) that inspired us to stock up on legwarmers, Sixteen Candles (1984) where Michael Schoeffling’s character Jake Ryan had us swooning, Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985) the motion picture that featured Sarah Jessica Parker as a rebel girl years before Sex In the City, and who can forget The Breakfast Club’s soundtrack hit from Simple Mind’s “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” In those days, fashion was extremely experimental; wayfarer sunglasses, over-sized shirts, paint splatter tees, jumpsuits, Members Only jackets, rolling sleeves and jeans, neon, Chuck Taylors (by Converse) and acid washed jeans. Yeah, I love the 80’s and apparently so does Marc Jacobs as he brings back Frizzy hair, the kind that revolted just as hard as Madonna and Billy Idol.

Marc Jacobs

Gianfranco Ferré fused volume into a different direction. Using Roberto Cavalli’s method of extensions, the models were given an ultra thick mane, so women with normal to thin hair texture will go from desiring to owning bounce and body.

Gianfranco Ferré

COCKTAIL HOUR SPECIAL… Shirley Temple Black: This isn’t your kiddie beverage of lemon-lime soda, grenadine syrup and maraschino cherries. Now 1-part OJ, 1-part grenadine and a good dose of Black Vodka was added to give it that edge it really needs. Transition this drink into a hairstyle and you’ve got Marc Jacobs‘ hair choice for Spring 2011. The models were given soft, playful curls, mostly gathered to the side in a chignon-ish fashion, while others had their top part flattened to create more volume.

Marc Jacobs


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