Editor’s Choice: Fashion Week Style

Whether you’re following the latest in fashion trends by web-surfing, live-streaming, magazine-flipping or at a fashion show, consider this fool-proof outfit (composed of seven key pieces) for maximum wear-ability.

BALMAIN (Satin Trimmed Wool-Crepe Jacket)

BALMAIN (Satin Trimmed Wool-Crepe Jacket): The perfect tuxedo jacket! Solid color outfits or vibrant wardrobe pieces literally pop with minimal effort.


RAQUEL ALLEGRA (Shredded Twill & Jersey Tunic): Luxury meets comfort, fit for leather pants, liquid leggings, your favorite cigarette jeans, draped cardigan or any jacket.

BALMAIN (Stretch-Leather Skinny Pants)

BALMAIN (Stretch-Leather Skinny Pants): Rock-star glam at its finest, a major upgrade from your basic denim and just as versatile.


BURBERRY (Buckled Wellington Calf Boots): One classic pair you can literally run to the ground with items like loose dresses, knits, long loose tank tops, v-neck cashmere sweaters, pleated mini’s, studded or sleeveless jackets, vests, tweet separates, chunky cowl-neck scarves or long wool coats.


DOMINIC JONES (Talon 23-Karat Black Gold-Plated Ring): One does not need an excuse to wear this ring, the matching ratio is limitless.


KARL (Cutaway Leather Gloves): Karl Lagerfeld created enough international buzz to make leather half-finger gloves iconic. The clock barely made it passed a full day when the gloves sold out, giving eBay vendors the upper-hand as they cashed in on incredibly inflated prices at the mercy of their fashion victims. But when faced with this cult object of desire, one can only succumb to it… Use them to turn up the sultry-factor when you’re a little feeling dangerous.


ISABEL MARANT (Maeva Fur jacket) [Material: Goat] [Color: Ivory]: A furry favorite! A formal look is as easy as adding a dress or dress pant. For something more casual, try on harem pants, skin-fit denim or cropped bottoms.

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