Doll Parts: Beauty Edition (Nude Nails & Lips)

Live Through This Album: by HOLE (Doll Parts)
CHANEL (Les Vernis Nail Colour: Inattendu)

CHANEL (Les Vernis Nail Colour: Inattendu): Courtney Love’s band Hole knows a thing or two about Doll Parts. Used by artists, tailors and dressmakers, mannequins serve as templates for perfection, but don’t take my word it, your favorite clothing store will confirm this. As flawless as a doll part, Chanel was able to capture the purest form of nude and seal it in a bottle. Compliment this lacquer with natural makeup.

Lady Gaga for M.A.C Cosmetics: Viva Glam
M.A.C Cosmetics: Viva Glam (GAGA 2 Lipstick)

M.A.C Cosmetics (Viva Glam: Gaga 2 Lipstick): In keeping with the topic of bare supremacy, Lady Gaga has a romance with charity and beauty, encompassed in a tube of glory. Counter-balance this lip-shade with smoky eyes and semi-flushed cheeks.

To learn more on Gaga’s participation with M.A.C Cosmetics: Why M.A.C Viva Glam

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