JGB’S Goodies Of The Day: Lavender Pink Delight – Lips & Nails

(Emma Stone with Lavender Pink hair)
(Emma Stone with Lavender Pink hair)

Lavender and pink are synonymous with femininity and romance. The lavender flower, with its light pinkish violet complexion, evokes a playfulness that is evident in actress Emma Stone’s lavender pink hairdo. Inspirational and fun is this sensational combo, a pastel favorite, and a beauty regimen must-have.


(Mac Cosmetics - PatentPolish Lip Pencil) (PatentPink)
(Mac Cosmetics – PatentPolish Lip Pencil) (PatentPink)

Mac Cosmetics – PatentPolish Lip Pencil (in PatentPink)

(Mac Cosmetics - PatentPolish Lip Pencil Ad Campaign)
(Mac Cosmetics – PatentPolish Lip Pencil Ad Campaign)
(Mac Cosmetics - Lip Pencil) (Hip n' Happy)
(Mac Cosmetics – Lip Pencil) (Hip n’ Happy)

Chubby stick glides on pink with a wash of lilac, delivering a semi-luminous finish.  Turn up the volume by adding Mac CosmeticsLip Pencil (in Hip n’ Happy) underneath and watch the muddied blue-pink lip-definer amp your color to a statement hue.

Mac CosmeticsViva Glam Lipstick: (in Nicki 2)

(Nicky Minaj wearing Nicki 2)
(Nicky Minaj wearing Nicki 2)

No momentum-building here. One lethal dose of pale lavender pink and you’re done. Goes on creamy and needs no introduction.

Mac CosmeticsViva Glam Lipstick: (in Saint Germain)

(Mac Cosmetics - Lipstick) (Saint Germain)
(Mac Cosmetics – Lipstick) (Saint Germain)

We’re accelerating color to a heart-racing speed with this intensely inky lilac pink. Smooth to the feel and matte to the touch. Wear with confidence.


(Floss Gloss - Nail Lacquer) (Perf)
(Floss Gloss – Nail Lacquer) (Perf)

Floss GlossNail Lacquer (in Perf)

(JGB Editor wearing Perf)
(JGB Editor wearing Perf)

Floss Gloss founders have done their share of magazine-trotting, with features in Nylon, Lucky and Nail It! Perf (for perfection) is boisterously cute, a velvety opaque lilac pink that’s a nail swatch favorite among beauty bloggers and Instagram-lovers.

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