JGB’S Goodies Of The Day: Blue Crush Edition – Nail Polish

Imagine a frothy shoreline trailing a body of crystal blue water that shimmers under sun light, sand tickling your toes as seagulls squawk in the day sky. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? Now imagine this image wherever you go as Jesenia’s Goodie Bag unearths wearable ocean blue nail lacquers for your lovely lady fingers.

China Glaze (Vase Value)
China Glaze (Vase Value)

China GlazeNail Polish (in At Vase Value)

Color so unbelievably luminescent, it’s like bottling a neon tetra. So go ahead, manicure your hands with this Marina-ready, aquarium-friendly nail enamel.

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant (Skylight)
CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant (Skylight)

CoverGirl  Outlast Stay BrilliantNail Gloss (in Skylight)

A glossy, lustrous wash of aqua blue that’s as refreshing satisfying as a poolside bar serving of Malibu Bay Breeze.

Cult Nails (Nakizzle's Shizzle)
Cult Nails (Nakizzle’s Shizzle)

Cult NailsLacquers (in Nakizzle’s Shizzle)

Snoop Dogg approved! Brilliantly pigmented, iridescently velvety formula goes on smooth with a soft crème finish.

Julep (Margaret)
Julep (Margaret)

Julep Nail Polish (in Margaret)

Julep’s interpretation of a periwinkle flower captures a pale blue essence that shines through this amazingly creamy texture.

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