Discussing Makeup & Beauty Secrets With Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown

Date: February 3. Venue: Story – Chelsea, New York

Story boutique owner Rachel Shechtman hosts an evening of beauty with makeup diva, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Founder/CCO and Editor In Chief of Yahoo! Beauty, Bobbi Brown.

During their Q&A, Rachel asks Bobbi for a fun fact, something about her we can’t find on Google, to which Bobbi replied, “Dancing on stage with Flo Rida.

Yahoo! Beauty is Bobbi’s digital platform for sharing the fine details of beauty and wellness with fans. For skin care, Bobbi uses rich balms, coconut oil and Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap. Her favorite restaurant is Hu Kitchen, and for drinks, she prefers ALOHA beverages. “What you put in your body is more important than what you put on your face,” she tells the crowd and encourages them to appreciate themselves at every age, not just in their youth.

Everything Eyes - Book (By: Bobbi Brown)
Everything Eyes – Book (By: Bobbi Brown)

A graduate of Theatrical Makeup from Emerson College, Bobbi recalls writing 8 of her books in the back seat of a car, and credits her mother as her beauty inspiration, using icons like Cher and Jackie-O as a comparison.

Although Bobbi did not attend business or marketing school, she said she followed her gut, and with 5K from her savings account, started her own business. “The trick is to have an original idea, and then success will come gradually.”

When asked to define success, Bobbi kept true to herself, “Putting food on the table, paying bills and being happy with who you are, to me, that’s success.

To achieve a nude makeup look, Bobbi insists it’s all about choosing the right colors for your skin complexion, and regards red lipstick a timeless lip color. Her traveling essentials include a good moisturizer and lots of water. “Be comfortable with yourself, exercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water.”

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, fans asked Bobbi to disclose her interpretation of love. Candidly she replied, “Find someone you love to be with all the time, but more importantly, find someone who will tell you the truth.”

Bobbi Brown + Jesenia (JGB Editor)
Bobbi Brown + Jesenia (JGB Editor)

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