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After 100 years of plastic, we’re feeling the effects, oceans and landfills have become increasingly polluted. Plastic is non-biodegradable, making its way into the stomachs of fish that are then caught and sold to restaurants and supermarkets. Our favorite juice bars and cafes can be a place we can take our reusables. As we say no to single-use cups, straws, utensils and zip bags, here are a few items worth considering for plastic-free living.

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Show 'em how it's done with a reusable straw.

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For life on-the-go, Stojo is collapsible, fits easily into your bag, just pop it open when ready to use. It even comes with a silicone straw. Most shops are happy to serve you in your own cup, as it cuts costs for them while you’re saving the planet. Try sizes 8, 12, 16 or 24 oz in an array of beautiful colors. Works with both cold or hot drinks, and make great gifts for friends and family.


Buy SipJoy once, use forever, a hassle-free collapsible stainless steel straw with a silicone tip for easy drinking. Comes with a cleaning tool for those hard to reach places and key chain carrying case you can attach to your bag, drop in your bag, or carry it in your pocket.

Shell&Turtle Utensil Set


With reusable cutlery, you can take that order to-go, bring food from home to work and enjoy that casual lunch with ease. Shell&Turtle is your all-in-one portable utensil set, lightweight and with added goodies, like chopsticks, two straws (bent and straight), a bottle opener, dishcloth, and a nifty carrying case.


For traveling and decluttering toiletries, I’ve invested in glass bottles for my favorite haircare and beauty products. Face oils are stashed in the dropper, tonics and styling spritz in the spray bottle, and body oils and hair masks in the glass jar.


Whether it’s a trip or a day at work, pack your sandwiches and snacks in stasher bags, they come in plenty of sizes, colors, and bundles for any storage occasion. Reusable, easy to clean and so versatile, they can be used to store just about anything, your earbuds, TSA sized containers, pens, pencils, markers, your beach essentials, the sky’s the limit.

Set of 4 Collapsible Food Storage Container


Go ahead and bring leftovers to work, you’re saving money and time on your lunch break. Picnics, beach day, whatever trip strikes your fancy, you’re covered. Once you’re done eating, these collapsible storage containers take up no space in your lunch bag. Great for dry or wet foods, and come in small, medium, large and XL in fun Crayola colors.

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