Shane Dawson Merch: Pig Robe, Pig Slides, Drama Windbreaker

Jesenia (JGB)

Shane Dawson is selling faster than dollar pancakes at iHOP. The influential YouTuber periodically restocks his merch, and with a single tweet alert to his 9 million followers, the merch is gone.  Some item links were even removed from his website, leaving us to wonder if they will ever make a comeback, such as the pig jogger pants, pig robe and drama windbreaker in black.


This premium fleece robe with adorable embossed pig logo, is plush, has a velvety texture and perfect for lounging around the house. Check your mailbox, have that morning cup of coffee or tea, browse your IG or stream your favorite videos in this snuggly robe.

Pig Robe


Better than house slippers. From the comfort of your home to the streets, these pig slides are padded, arched and have a firm grip when you walk. Undeniably cute, the pig face frames the front, while the Shane Dawson logo gives the sole a patterned appeal.

Pig Slides


Great for rain or shine, easy to layer during cooler weather. Breathable fabric, equipped with mesh lining, drawstring hoodie, zipper detail, and front pockets. Loving the arm logo and pig embossment.

Drama Windbreaker

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