Fashion’s Night Out 2011

Fashion’s Night Out tops itself each year with so many events and so little time. I thought long and hard about what venue I’d attend and set my sights on Alexander McQueen, which would then be followed by Nicola.

Window Display (Alexander Queen boutique in NYC)
Window Display (Alexander Queen boutique in NYC)
Coded Key (Alexander Queen boutique in NYC)
FNO Limited Edition Keyring (Alexander McQueen)

On my visit to Alexander McQueen, the boutique presented their guests with a Fashion’s Night Out key marked with a code for a chance to win an exclusive Fashion’s Night Out Alexander McQueen (Crystal Skull) Keyring (in Gold or Silver). Music played throughout, vodka cocktails were served, the ambience was very inviting and people mingled freely.

Jesenia- Fashion Blogger (Alexander Queen boutique in NYC)
Jesenia- Fashion Blogger (Alexander Queen boutique in NYC)

As much as I enjoyed my time at McQueen, I escaped quietly through the front door and darted into the meat-packing district streets, heading for SoHo in search of this new pop-up shop opened by Nicola Formichetti. Nicola Formichetti is notably known as the Creative Director for Thierry Mugler fashion, but more famously known as the lovable stylist to international super-star Lady Gaga. I approached 50 Walker Street with the hope of catching only a glimpse of Nicola and long and behold he was there! I warmed up to him with open arms. He genuinely smiled and charisma emanated from his eyes. I could tell he truly loves his fans and that made him unforgettable.

Nicola Formichetti & Jesenia- Fashion Blogger (NICOLA in NYC)
Signed autograph by Nicola Formichetti
Mugler Muse Rick Genest & Jesenia- Fashion Blogger (NICOLA in NYC)

Floating about the store was Mugler’s muse Rick Genest. Those of you who’ve read earlier blog posts of mine (For The Love of Mesh, to be exact), know that I incorporated Rick into one of my writings. Butterflies, bubbles (whatever that feeling in your stomach is) I felt it. He too presented himself very gentle, so humble.

Lady Gaga gun-bra “Alejandro” music video (NICOLA in NYC)
A-Morir by Kerin Rose Barracuda sunglasses (NICOLA in NYC)
A-morir by Kerin Rose “Lizzy” (skull-feather) sunglasses (NICOLA in NYC)
Lady Gaga shoes! (NICOLA in NYC)

Everything about this place, these incredible men, became very overwhelming. I was deeply impressed. I loved the store’s presentation of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe, other designer labels and just the sheer skillful art-form that went into every prop. Decadent hors d’oeuvres were given generously to guests. I honestly did not want to leave this place, but did not have the luxury of sticking myself into Nicola’s back-pocket [insert laugh], but all joking aside, I did not want to leave. Eventually, just like at McQueen, I made a quiet exit.

On the ride home, my experiences kept my mind racing, filled with lasting impressions of a great Fashion’s Night Out.

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