Alexander McQueen on a Budget

Who can resist the everlasting charm of Alexander McQueen?…

Hobnail Boot (Alexander McQueen: Spring 2011) ($1,895.00)

… Apparently your wallet can if you don’t have the disposable income for a McQueen price tag, which is where Christian Siriano for Payless comes into play.

Womens Harness Ankle Boot (Christian Siriano for Payless) (Fall 2011) ($69.99)

Same great features as the Alexander McQueen Hobnail Boot (from Spring 2011) and even more wearable with its popular reptile texture (at a fraction of the price) and just in time for Fall 2011.

Finding a suitable skull tee is no small task. You want that rocker-edge without resembling a sartorial mirror-image of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

White/Grey Rope Skull T-Shirt (Alexander McQueen) ($195.00)

McQueen gets it right in a Rope Skull T-Shirt for Menswear (Note: Shirt sizes in Menswear range one size larger than Womenswear), but why should guys have all the fun? Urban Outfitters understands the need for a ladies skull tee and offers a mesh backside for added sex appeal.

Truly Madly Deeply Mesh Back Jewel Skull Tee (Urban Outfitters) ($39.00)
Truly Madly Deeply Mesh Back Jewel Skull Tee (Backside display) (Urban Outfitters) ($39.00)

Just goes to show that great sense of style does not depend on the excess of money, but rather the need for a trained eye. As proven in the wardrobes of many reality-TV spin-offs of the Real Desperate Housewives, you can have millions of dollars in the bank and still look like a train-wreck.

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