Spring/Summer 2013: MEN’S Edition

A special thanks to all the fashion-curious and fashion-conscious men who have supported my blog overtime, I hereby declare a special menswear installment just for you.

(Note to Ladies: If you are reading this post, you can steal his look too. Women’s Menswear is white-hot now. So go on, raid a gentleman’s closet.

Alexander McQueen: MEN'S (Spring/Summer 2013)
Alexander McQueen: MEN’S (Spring/Summer 2013)

Alexander McQueen: White doubled-breasted suit, dark button-down, checkered tie, champagne floral brooch, loafers.


Gentlemen: All the class of Miami Vice. Pair with aviator shades, chronograph watch, polo shirt or plain cotton tee, colored denim and canvas Oxford.

(Note to Ladies: The same applies to you. Just add a straw fedora hat and neon mini double-buckle bag.)


Gentlemen: Compliment with a linen shirt, leather sandals and tuck in a delicate neck chain.

(Note to Ladies: Add a loose tank top, mini cardigan, stacked bracelets and bright patent open-toe flats.)


Gentlemen: When comfort meets luxury. Flatters any bottom and comes in several fabrics, from suede to leather, patent and velvet.

(Note to Ladies: Embrace the loafer beyond the workplace.)


Gentlemen: Not just for Ladies. Fancy your blazer with a suitable one in champagne, silver, black or white.

(Note to Ladies: Like Chanel and her Camellia, any color will do, for your chunky cardigans, jackets and blazers.)

Alexander McQueen: MEN'S (Spring/Summer 2013)
Alexander McQueen: MEN’S (Spring/Summer 2013)

Alexander McQueen: Silk silver and black one-button dragonfly suit, pale gray button-down, black tie, leather loafers.


Gentlemen: Throw over an all-black outfit for a statement-blazer effect.

(Note to Ladies: Universally flattering with anything, from dress fabrics in silk, chiffon and solid tweed, styles in tunic, shift and maxi. Tee’s or tanks in jersey or cotton, and pant options in harem, Capri or neutral colored denim.)


Gentlemen: Tuck in a black button shirt, add a sleek leather belt (preferably one with a designer logo) and keep the same dress shoes.

(Note to Ladies: Boyfriend blazer with a loose cotton shirt, leather or patent peep-toe heels and an Alexander McQueen clutch.)

Alexander Wang: MEN'S (Spring/Summer 2013)
Alexander Wang: MEN’S (Spring/Summer 2013)

Alexander Wang: Neck scarf, relaxed blazer, long shorts, leather lace-up loafers.

Gentlemen: Keep the look, but switch up the long shorts for slim-cut pants in corduroy, tweed, colored denim, even slacks… Neck-scarfs are not just for the cold, they are a symbol of chicness, wear them often.   

(Note to Ladies: Keep this look too, but with metallic stud earrings, an armor finger ring, wedged boots and a leather mini double-buckle bag. Manicure should be bright with a bold lip and sumo bun.

Hermès: MEN'S (Spring/Summer 2013)
Hermès: MEN’S (Spring/Summer 2013)

Hermès: Two-toned olive and gray long sleeve shirt, matching belt, electric-yellow pants, beige-gray canvas sneakers, weekend bag.

Gentlemen: These canvas sneakers are your color guide, match-up with a beige-gray shirt, white blazer, leather watch, braided belt and a Bottega Veneta weekend bag.

(Note to Ladies: Same advice applies to you.

Hermès: MEN'S (Spring/Summer 2013)
Hermès: MEN’S (Spring/Summer 2013)

Hermès: Midnight blue one-button tuxedo suit with satin accent, navy button-down, leather croc loafers.  

Gentlemen: Perfection from head to toe. No adjustments necessary.

(Note to Ladies: Slip on a pair of leather pointed heels, chronograph watch, a cocktail ring, bold lip color and a mini quilted bag-on-chain.)

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