An Evening Honoring Karl Lagerfeld

Date: November 6. Venue: Alice Tully HallStarr Theater

Karl Lagerfeld with Jessica Chastain
Karl Lagerfeld with Jessica Chastain

 Actress Jessica Chastain hosts an unforgettable night of getting-to-know Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld is Modern. “Never think you’ve seen it all.” He declares objectively. A self-taught artist, he jests of emerging from the womb with a pencil, rather than sunglasses.

With an insatiable appetite for creation, Karl landed first place in a world-class sketching contest, opening the doors to Balmain, Jean Patou, Fendi, and twenty years at Chloe… but the pivotal moment came when he revived the house of Chanel, a fashion monarchy he still controls today.

Starr Theater
Starr Theater

 Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld for H&M and the Karl Collection, are Karl’s way of dressing women of all income. Each collection is unique and well designed. Expensive or not, they all carry the modernizing elements of Karl Lagerfeld.

Adamantly against present-day airbrushing, a photography aficionado with an infinite love of fashion portraits, architect photos and old cameras, Karl Lagerfeld craves real life photography.

Laughter emanated from the audience as Jessica pried Karl about his pajamas, followed by the burning question, “What do you think of the red carpet?” Painfully, he responded, ‘’I’m afraid I’m beyond that.” Tired of the never-ending mermaid and fishtail gowns he calls, “The typical cartoon of the red carpet, that’s not fashion. It’s always the same typical silhouette.”  (And this is why we love you, Karl Lagerfeld, for your bravery in fashion and expression).

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