Metallic Nail Polishes – What I Want Now

With nail art thriving, the beauty industry continually intrigues us with on-trend formulas. Jesenia’s Goodie Bag lists some of them for you, so get ready to flaunt!

ESSIE (No Place Like Chrome, Wrapped In Rubies, Belugaria)
ESSIE (No Place Like Chrome, Wrapped In Rubies, Belugaria)

ESSIE Three tantalizing shades that’ll perk up any nail bed!

Coming in at first place is No Place Like Chrome. Liquid mercury exudes a cyborg element that’ll make a T-1000 out of your manicure.

Rouge chromium with crystallized sparkle, Wrapped in Rubies makes a festival out of any given day.

Inspired by Beluga caviar, Belugaria is robustly pigmented and caked in gemstone speckles.

L'OREAL (Sexy In Sequin, Drop Dead Gorgeous)
L’OREAL (Sexy In Sequin, Drop Dead Gorgeous)

L’OREAL Two sultry numbers for the party, the after-party and the after-after party! 

Sexy In Sequin, a concoction of royal delights in deep purple with multifaceted highlights of gold and red.

Like a dusking sky, Drop Dead Gorgeous is bewitching in midnight blue with hints of lavender and silver.

COVERGIRL (Black Heat)
COVERGIRL (Black Heat)

COVERGIRL – The final countdown!

Experience gold fever with Black Heat, a glistening discovery of blackened antique gold.

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