Nail It! Magazine It Girl – Britney Tokyo – Talks Nail Art, Celebrity Manicures and Tokyo Swag Nail Collection

Date: October 26. Location: Upper East SideNYC

Britney Tokyo
Britney Tokyo

The most talked about Nail Artist, Britney Tokyo, returns to New York City for a 3-Day appearance at NYC’s #1 nail salon, Vanity Projects. She shares exclusively with Jesenia’s Goodie Bag the hottest in nail art trends, celebrity manicures, and the launch of her own nail gel brand.

Britney Tokyo
Britney Tokyo

Cali girl, Britney Tokyo, has featured in everything, from Teen VOGUE to Nail It! Magazine. Gel Master and LED Gel Educator, Britney’s won her way to the top and continues to thrive in the nail art business.

Britney Tokyo with Jesenia (JGB Editor)
Britney Tokyo with Jesenia (JGB Editor)

Interview With Britney Tokyo

JGB Editor: “What are some of the nail art trends you’re noticing for Fall 2014?”

Britney Tokyo: “Short nails are making a comeback, the ones with no extensions. Gel nail polish is also peaking, in deep colors like olive, burgundy and smoky grey.”

JGB Editor: “Do you have a favorite nail trend this season?”

Britney Tokyo:  “I’m such a fan of gel paint design and using Swarovski crystals. When using crystals, I generally pick a color that’s different from the chosen nail polish and decorate one nail from each hand. In the winter, I like using silver studding, and in the Summer I tend to use more gold studding.”

JGB Editor: “Your favorite nail polish color?”

Britney Tokyo:  “I love classic red.”

JGB Editor: “Nail polish brands, any favorite ones?”

Britney Tokyo:  “Yes, Dior is my favorite! …oh, and Formula X is also a great brand.”

JGB Editor: “Vanessa Hudgens is one of your clients. Who, now, is your most recent celebrity client?”

Britney Tokyo:  “Lily Allen.”

JGB Editor: “And what kind of manicure did you do for Lily Allen?”

Britney Tokyo:  “For Lily Allen, I custom designed a tie dye theme.”

JGB Editor: “If you could work with one celebrity client of your choice, who would that be?”

Britney Tokyo:  Omg! Madonna, of course.

JGB Editor: “You have tons of projects going on, which one is the biggest?”

Britney Tokyo:  “I’m actually producing a nail gel. Its acrylic paint made from gel and comes in all sorts of cool pigments and textures. The brand is called Tokyo Swag Nail Collection and my launch date is November 16th.”

JGB Editor: “When’s your next return to the Big Apple?”

Britney Tokyo:  “February, during New York Fashion Week, that’s my busiest week, you know, with all the backstage participation… and will also make future appearances at Vanity Projects.”

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