mepadi Launch Party

Date: March 13. Venue: GoldBar (New York)

Set in Little Italy, guests were welcomed to a treasure-filled space of golden skulls, vintage paintings, velvet couches, a high-rise ceiling and crystal gleaming chandeliers. An in-house DJ spun a series of amazing tracks as the step-n-repeat remained in full-effect with eager patrons. mepadi (an abbreviation for Meat Packing District) was a concept born into the creative minds of four Germans set out to make their fascination a reality. The company, although based in Berlin, is available for sale to the U.S. via their website. mepadi is essentially a European take on solid-color cotton knitwear, much like American Apparel and Uniqlo. This ever-present trend of casual style is progressively cementing itself into the heart of fashion, providing fashionistas with effortless-chic attire. Jesenia’s Goodie Bag caught up with mepadi sponsors, like The White Monkey (a firm who’s dedication to “Living the life”) was proud to stand behind the fashion-forward brand. All those thirsting for exquisite taste found satisfaction at the end of a glass with Champagne Cuvee Billionaires Row Brut Rose Grand Cru and Anestasia Vodka.

Jesenia (JGB Editor)

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